l2fishConfession: My first time on a SUP was a bit of a disaster – I was on the ocean, got knocked off by a wave and lost my paddle. I ended up drifting way too far offshore and was rescued by the SUP rental guy who was less than pleased to hear about my lost paddle situation. He spent the rest of the day unsuccessfully snorkeling trying to find it. Why am I telling you such an embarrassing event? Well, to prove how much I appreciate the amazing stability of the Live Watersports L2Fish.

backThe catamaran hull on this guy maximizes stability without compromising speed so you’ll be in top shape for a great day of SUP fishing on the water.It’s even stable enough where Live Watersports encourages users to try their hand at SUP yoga. I don’t know about y’all but I think that’s the ultimate proof of confidence for how easy it is for anyone to balance on the L2Fish.

In addition to the incredible stability, this SUP provides you with plenty of space for gear, your dog, or even a human friend to tag along. There are multiple tie down locations for carrying coolers and safely securing your cargo. The wide outward hull flotation also allows for maximum roll resistance which is great if you’re as wobbly as I am. The L2Fish has nine built in gear tracks and the possibilities  for outfitting the board are virtually endless. For sitting, the board can be fitted with a Larry chair or a cooler which are secured to the board via the tracks. frontThe same goes for rod holders, fish finders, camera booms, cup holders, and pretty much any other piece of gear you’d like to take along. Most manufacturers, including Railblaza, Scotty and Yakattack, have solutions to mount all of their accessories on to a track system and so the L2fish can be outfitted with everything you need to get the board in the water, no matter your style of fishing.

Overall, Live Watersports L2Fish proves itself to be an extremely stable, fast, and easily configurable SUP – every paddler or angler’s dream.

If you have any questions about the L2Fish feel free to comment below or give our Customer Service Team a call at 888-828-3828. Looking forward to seeing you on the water!

Devyn, Social Media Coordinator