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The ACK Fall Demo Days are fast approaching this weekend in Austin and North Houston, with more taking place the following weekend in New Braunfels and Missouri City. At ACK we’ve been doing Demo Days for quite a while now, and we felt the need to pass on the five things you need to bring along to make sure you and your family have the perfect Demo Day experience!


There is nothing worse than having a great time on the water only to realize that your skin is slowly starting to take on the color of a tomato. Prepare yourself and your family from the harmful UV rays of the sun by loading up on sunscreen before getting out to demo your favorite kayak. Sunscreen like the Aloe Gator SPF 50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen and the Aloe Gator Lil Gator SPF 40 Sunscreen for Kids will help ensure that you have a great time that you won’t be regretting the next day as you bathe in aloe. Just don’t forget to keep reapplying!

Dry Bags:

The best part of Demo Days is getting to try out your favorite kayaks again and again. But with all that activity on the water, you want to make sure that you have a safe place for your valuables like your wallet and phone. That’s why a dry bag is a must to bring along with you to Demo Days. Bags like those from SeaLine and the NRS Tuff Sack will help keep all your gear and valuables safe and dry so that you can focus on what’s important: testing those kayaks and SUPs to their limits!

Water Shoes:

Getting in and out of kayaks all day long can leave you with one of nature’s greatest injustices: wet shoes and socks. That’s why we suggest you bring along some of your favorite water shoes so that you can toss that worry away! No one wants to keep heading back to their cars for a quick change of footwear, so ensure that you are geared up from the start. Options like the Teva Churn Water Shoe or the Astral Loyak Water Shoe will help you have a great day on the water.

Water Bottle:

In the hot Texas sun, staying hydrated is paramount. ACK knows this, so we are happy to have water jugs filled to the brim and free for all visitors. But if you don’t want to keep coming back for the paper cups we provide, you should probably bring along your own water bottle so that you can spend more time testing out boats and less time at the water fountain. Check out the Camelbak bottles or the YETI Rambler 30, which not only holds enough water to keep you well hydrated, but will also keep that ice you put in there in the morning all day long! If you notice the water jugs are empty, just inform the closest ACK employee (identified by their blue ACK shirts) and we will be happy to get it filled up again in no time!

Comfy Clothes:

Every year, we see visitors come to Demo Days excited to try everything out, but wearing apparel that is not up to that task. That’s why we recommend making sure you bring out your comfy clothes that you do not mind getting wet or dirty. There is no dress code at Demo Days, so feel free to bust out your painting shorts or the free giveaway t-shirt that looked better with the sleeves ripped off. Please don’t be that guy or gal that shows up in their brand new jeans only to take that embarrassing slip while you’re trying to get onto a SUP your first time. Trust me, it’s going to happen. So dig in to your closet to find your workout clothes or bathing suits and head over to Demo Days. We promise not to laugh at your 20 year old tie-dye shorts with salsa stains on the thigh.

These five things will help you have a perfect Demo Day experience. Follow these and we know that you are going to have a great time. So get geared up and head down to Demo Days this weekend! For more information, head to austinkayak.com/demo. See you there!

P.S.: Don’t forget to pack a lunch and some cold beverages and stay a while!

-Austin @ ACK