Chris LeMessurier Sunset Photo

Is your excuse for just about everything these days the fact that “it’s just too hot? Has angling come second or even third in your life compared to frozen margaritas or soaking in the pool? We more than understand, but it’s time to recollect your game face and get that hook back in the water. We are big advocates of the 5 AM fishing session. As anglers, we’ve come to know dawn as a very advantageous time of day, especially when it comes to relaxed trolling. There’s no greater feeling during summer’s dog days than getting outside early enough to sense that strange and almost unfamiliar feeling of damp coolness. Here are our top five reasons that you should fit a dawn expedition into your morning schedule.

  • Better Chances of Catching Fish

During the summer months, don’t we all move just a little bit slower? If you haven’t already noticed, fish are not so different. Fish move less often during the summer months and they also less likely to be visibly swimming around throughout midday. They do get hungry at different times of the day just like we do but since they have to be outside in the hot sun all day they tend to get downright lazy. The best time to serve up some breakfast is early morning just as the fog is lifting.

During late summer, fish are interested in the deeper cooler waters, so getting out into the middle of a body is typically your best bet. You can also focus on pitching lures around large rocks and under the shade of overhanging trees. There are, of course, more fascinating fluctuations in fish hunger probability such as spanning times according to the moon, tide changes, etc. but in efforts to keep it simple with tried and true methods we’ll stick with the obvious facts.

Essentially, if your end goal is even slightly determined by numbers and you are interested in the sport aspect of angling, morning is your “go” time to get in the zone and on the water. Best part is, you won’t even have to sacrifice a sunburn.

  • Embracing the Stillness

Water is affiliated with a large handful of stress relief activities. The meditative act of fishing is no secret to anyone that has ever wet a line. It’s obvious that being in a calm, peaceful place allowing only your paddle and the water to guide you is a surefire way to experience heaps of good feelings toward life, or at least the rest of your day. Early mornings tend to provide the best still water action and being able to witness the shadow of a fish break through a mirror like surface reflecting a rising sun is simply priceless. Bring your camera!

Ask most anglers why they get outside and most will mention the word “freedom”. While being outdoors and exploring the surrounding limitless environment, you are bound to feel completely unencumbered at one point or another. The World Fishing Network says it best by stating a simple truth, “Yes, the morning does something to an angler that cannot be put into words.”   

  • Creating Structure for Your Morning Routine

If you are someone who refuses to eat breakfast for the simple fact that, “it’s just too early to be hungry”, rising with the dawn may change your mind and your appetite. And, with work at around eight, you only have so much time to get outside and fish for a couple sacred hours before it’s back to the daily grind. While it’s easy to lose track of time in the morning, you may find yourself making and sticking to a schedule ritualistically (if not only just to make sure you are maximizing your fishing time).

Not to mention, it’s said that success is only a sunrise away. Waking up earlier may seem like a struggle at first but once you get into the routine you will find yourself feeling as if you have more time in the day. While we know the magic that coffee and work, we also know the getting up a couple hours prior to when you normally do can be (ready for this?) even more beneficial mental and physical health. Just make sure you hit the hay early!

  • Boosting the Economy

Regardless if you fish at dawn, dusk or mid-day, managing fisheries around the nation is great for our economic health. Fishing helps create a large number of jobs around the U.S and around the world. Saltwater anglers alone are estimated to have spent around 32 billion dollars just on trip-based expenses like fuel, bait, and equipment. I think we can all agree that it’s hard to argue with that kind of economic boost, especially when it is related to one of our long favored pastime.

Not only does fishing do well for the economy, but it also does good for our natural lands. Anglers are actually protecting the waters they fish on when they purchase their licenses,  equipment, and pay special taxes as a good deal of that money goes back to conservation organizations who aim to protect the land. So, many of those wildlife and conservation organizations currently existing within the U.S. are funded by passionate anglers.

  • Bringing Home the Bacon (or Fish)

There are few things as wonderful as fresh caught dinner. By fishing at dawn, you’re set to extend the joys of fishing well into the evening by bringing home a fresh catch for a celebratory evening feast. The joys of eating your own catches are plenty. It’s in our primal nature to retrieve and prepare our own meals for ourselves and our families. Not only are you able to satisfy that deep need to provide for yourself, but you also know where your food is coming from.

Of course, with early morning fishing, there is a good chance you’ll be launching in the dark. Click here for more information about lighting solutions for safety, visibility and convenience.

When it comes down to it, there’s really no excuse for neglecting your rig in the summertime. In fact, the way we see it, there’s really no better time to take your life back and make your passion a priority. So, spruce up your gear collection and get up with the dawn. Tight lines, everyone!

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