During the summer months and even into early fall (at least for those in the south), many of us enjoy fishing after sunset and before the crack of dawn. The air tends to be cooler, the environment – less crowded, and the water – abundant with fish. You guessed it – it’s not our first rodeo! Of course, with night time fishing come a different set of obstacles you must overcome, specifically the issue of safety, visibility and attracting fish.

Here are some of our recommended lighting solutions for night time excursions:


  • Visibility/Task Lighting – SuperNova Extreme Kayak Lighting Kit – These powerful, waterproof LED’s are indispensable for the avid nighttime kayak angler because of their reliability, convenience, and style. After installation, you can light up the yak effortlessly and on your command without having to carry any fragile or bulky equipment out and onto the water. There are several different fits manufactured for boats of all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find a kit that suits you and your craft well. The varying sets include: Basic, Deluxe, and Extreme though SuperNova has also created custom fits for the Hobie Pro Angler and the Old Town Predator. When it comes to lighting you have the choice between blue or green LED’s and that entire set will illuminate up your livewell, deck, and the complete outer front and rear edge of your kayaks exterior. All of the included lighting strips are fully jacketed with a silicone casing and therefore, fully submersible. For the angler that doesn’t mess around, or even the recreational paddler who wants more visibility during those darker hours on the lake, you’d be hard pressed to find something more advantageous and convenient.


  • Navigation & Fish Attraction – Yak Gear LuminaLED 6 LED Flood Light Kit – Some environments require more light than you’d expect, especially during dusk hours. If you are a seasoned angler, you already understand the benefits of having a flood light, not only to keep your area safe but so that you can make the most out of your fishing experience. The spotlight creates a path of up to 120 ft and features 360 degrees of rotation giving you the potential to successfully bow fish or flounder gig. One of its most useful features is the included mounting hardware that allows for stability and hands free power. The light is compatible in both salt and freshwater environments so, whether you are on the coast or in a nearby pond, you always have something more versatile and dependable to take with you, whatever the occasion.


  • Safety & Visibility – YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro Light (Ram Mount) –  The lightweight, low drag, and portable design of the Pro Light performs well without sacrificing anything in the way of style. The Ram Mount features an ACK flag that doubles as a bag for the smaller pieces of the VisiCarbon Pro Light safely storing all of the detachable and lightweight components. The light also meets the needs of USCG requirements, so if you are looking to cooperate with standards set by the U.S. Coast Guard, this tool is your simplest way to do just that. If you are on the hunt for something with intense lighting strength and extreme portability the VisiCarbon is your best bet.


  • Visibility – Yak Gear LuminaLED Rechargeable Utility Light  – This convenient and unique light doesn’t require batteries but instead, runs off of a USB based induction style charger and even comes with its own car charger. The light shines in white, amber, dim, and dim amber, flashing amber, spinning amber, and a white strobe. In addition to what you see above, you also receive magnetic hardware so that you can go hands free and mount the device to your kayak or crate. This little lifesaver floats, is waterproof, and did we mention that it’s the most lightweight of the bunch? If you are looking for a small but mighty lighting solution for when you are paddling or hiking during darker hours, the LuminaLED is the way to go.


  • Task Lighting – Black Diamond Storm Headlamp – One of the most handy tools you can bring along on you excursion is the headlamp. This headlamp allows you to get up close and personal proving to be particularly useful when handling bait or other small items. If the fully waterproof construction doesn’t have you immediately intrigued then maybe 160 power lumens will. This headlamp is truly one of a kind and really, perfectly manufactured for the primetime kayak angler. With only one finger tap the light transitions from strobe, dim, bright, and red night vision. The low profile design makes it so that this headlamp is lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods.

Ultimately, if you want to have an enjoyable, successful, and safe time out on the water, we recommend you also outfit your journey with safety devices such as: a whistlehorn, an emergency paddle, and a PFD. All of these tools are the perfect essentials for an experience to remember after dark.

For more information on how to keep your kayak fishing adventure bright give us a call (888) 828-3828 or visit us online at ack.com.