When it comes to trail running, ACK Customer Service Representative, Anthony, is our go-to pro. He’s participated and won several trail running competitions and spends many of his lunch breaks training while most could only think about what kind of sandwich they crave. That said, we knew he was that right person to ask for his take on Ultimate Direction products in this short clip.

loWhether a pro trail runner or street runner, Ultimate Direction offers some light yet durable products designed to make your running experience a better one.“The Jurek Collection is the perfect complement to the incredibly successful Signature Series — the same high-tech materials, same super-clean design, same uber-lightweight and comfort but in a smaller format that is perfect for your everyday run.Scott Jurek personally designed the entire Collection, resulting in design concepts not found in any other running gear. Prototypes of the Jurek Collection have already been used to win major Championship races. Definitely give these running packs and belts a try…you won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them.” ― UltimateDirection.com

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