Me and My Dog Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits and the ACK team understand the importance of staying safe on the trail; not just for you but for your furry four legged companions as well. Diagnosing your dog in the wild can be difficult when their form of communication isn’t exactly the same as ours. Now you can be a bit more confident when it comes to helping your pet out of a sticky situation. The Adventure Medical Kits “Me and My Dog Medical Kit” is the essential and all encompassing tool bag for the parent of an adventure dog. The heavy duty bag encompasses the following tools:


-SOL Emergency Blanket

-Emergency Cold Pack

-10 CC Irrigation Syringe

-Splinter Picker

-Tick Remover

-Triangular Bandage

-Cohesive Elastic Bandage

In addition to all of these items, the well organized 7.5″ x 3.55” x 5.3” carry bag consists of a Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness Medicine, in all weighing in at only 1lb 7oz. The essentials mainly cater to the types of injuries that dogs encounter out on the trail. This tried and true kit is in its fourth edition and has proven to be a trustworthy wilderness companion in case trouble arises.