This camp pleaser is specifically designed to travel with, hence the simple mason jar presentation. If the site you plan on attending doesn’t allow glass into the camp area, you can aways trade out the glass for plastic. You can also change out the fruit based on season so that you can enjoy this extremely drinkable beverage all year round.


  • Two sliced peaches
  • 8-10 cups of strawberries
  • One cup of grapes (red, green, etc.)
  • Two peeled kiwi’s
  • Two big handfuls of blackberries
  • One full bottle of red or white wine
  • 740 ML (almost) one bottle of vodka
  • 1 L of mango LaCroix
  • 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • Ideas: Oranges, Pineapple, Cherries
Although tempting, avoid drinking immediately after prepping.




  • Fill the mason jar with fruits
  • Pour vodka 1/4 the way in each jar
  • Pour 2/4 with wine
  • Fill the remainder with Lacroix and coconut oil
  • Shake until the coconut oil is completely incorporated
  • Chill overnight and enjoy