If anything about Yeti strikes you as uniquely their own, you understand how they pride themselves on their products extreme durability, toughness, and mastery of keeping things colder than a polar bear’s toe nails. Yeti Ice is nothing short of your expectations. Not only does the Ice keep things chilled for a longer period of time but it temps food, beverages, etc. colder in a quicker time span. The shape aids in durability and portability, and the Ice comes in both 2lb and 4lb sizes making it perfect for lunch boxes, drift boxes, coolers, tailgating, or any carrier transporting refrigerated perishables.

 The Ice, like all Yeti products, is designed to withstand the toughest of bumps, tumbles, crashes, and thuds. Using the reusable Ice brick is by far much more convenient and mess proof than regular ice. Because of its convenience, light weight, and portability, this pack is the perfect addition to your adventure. The Yeti Ice can even temp at below freezing if stored in a deep freeze. Because of it’s rugged design it’ll never leak and leave you with a bunch of soggy sandwiches. Next time you get out of town for an adventure think smart and think twice about ice. Yeti sums it up best with, “No matter where you take it, Yeti Ice will take all of the abuse needed to preserve your perishables longer.”