Here at ACK, now more than ever, we take kayak fishing gear very seriously and we know that you do too, that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of what we believe are this year’s best tools. We hope it takes you out on the water and leads you to your biggest and best catches yet. Peruse the list and click the links for more information on any item of your choice.



1. Railblaza Camera Mount Kit

Before taking off on your next big fishing adventure, don’t forget your camera! Your journeys are important; treat them that way by making sure you have a secure mount for safety, adjustability, and stability. If you are working with a device other than a GoPro, the Railblaza kit is compatible with any camera that utilizes a 1/4-20 mount screw. Get out there and document accordingly.



2. Mushroom Anchor 5 lbs

Some of the best things in life follow the “less is more” philosophy. This perfect anchor is easy to store and is not likely to get hung up on the bottom of the lake. Made with PVC coated steel and capable of holding most kayaks and canoes in calm situations, this anchor is the perfect addition to your kayak fishing everyday use collection.



3. SOG Bladelight Fillet Knife

With six exceptionally bright LED lights, this is an essential tool for hunters and fishermen who can be spotted doing what they love even in not so ideal conditions. The LED’s make it so that you can better clean and cut your catches on the go. You have the option of choosing between a 6′ or 7.5′ blade. The single triple A battery provides more than four hours worth of energy for you to get your fish cleaned and prepped for mealtime.



4. Yak Gear Grab & Go Crate Kit

Simple and well-loved, this crate gets the job done more efficiently than most of its expensive competitors. The entire angler crate kit includes: a paddle leash, a rod leash, a 3 lbs folding anchor kit, a double rod holder kit, an anchor cleat, and an accessory pouch. This is a great piece of starting gear for any aspiring kayak fishermen smart enough to not over-spend by purchasing these items individually.



5. Icemule Pro Catch Cooler

This bag is designed to lay flat on any paddle board or kayak. The bag is meant for easy fish and ice storage to assure the freshness of your fish for 24 hours. The TriFold DriTopTM System keeps ice in and air out. The mule features a comfortable shoulder carrying strap as well as multiple tie-down clips, bungee webbing for extra gear.



6. Boonedox Bed Extender

This extender answers the age old question, “How do I transport kayaks if I have a pickup?” Light-weight yet strong, the Boonedox T-Bone Bed Extender adjusts to accommodate all stock truck bed heights and is wide enough to support up to 2 kayaks or canoes comfortably. The design of the T-Bone gives you a high level of clearance and will help you protect your loved investments.



7. Nocqua Spectrum Lighting System

If you are like us, you can’t get enough of the innovation in lighting for kayaks. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again! These lighting systems allows you to choose between red, blue, green, orange, aqua, purple, low white, and bright white all with the press of a button. This tool is great for when you are kayaking at night so that you are better able to navigate around your surroundings and so that other boats are better able to spot you as well.



8. Ceramix Scissors

The rounded tips for safe carrying make it so that you are able to transport this tool wherever you go. It easily cuts through braided line, includes a lanyard and carabiner, and is rust-proof. This universal cutting tool is a must have for your angling collection.



9. Raymarine Dragonfly Sonare GPS Fishfinder

You already understand the importance of a fish finder. The Dragonfly’s main feature is its  fast response temperature sensor built into the transducer and a built in 50-channel GPS sensor so that no fish can escape without your knowledge. Channel your inner primitive man with fast-acquisition technology.



10. Astral Ronny Fisher PFD

With features galore, this jacket is every fishermen’s ideal choice. The two largest front pockets fold down into a solid workplace platform and thin back vent makes for a light and comfortable fit. And for the kayak fisherman that has it all, theres even a stow-able beverage holder, rain hood, quick-access knife tab, and tool organizer to make your experience a bit more comfortable.