Ever since seeing that little rolled-up pouch at an outdoors store years ago I knew I had to get one. Earlier this week I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. That littleEno Doublenest Hammock pouch I’m referring to is the Eno (Eagles Nest Outfitters) hammock. They have two different options: the Singlenest and the Doublenest. I’ll let you figure out the difference, but if you need a clue, the Doublenest fits two! I ended up going for the Doublenest. The way I see it; you can’t go wrong with too much real estate, and the Doublenest definitely has it.

The Doublenest itself is compact. It packs down to about the size of a grapefruit in a pouch that’s attached to the hammock. It’s made out of super strong breathable nylon, and kind of reminds me of what parachutes might be made out of. The difference between the double and the singlenest is two more feet of fabric which is what makes room for your second or third person. They both hold up to 400lbs so the choice of how much snuggling you want to do is up to you.

Besides buying just the hammock itself, I got a few accessories to go with it. The first thing I needed were straps to hang this thing up. I could use rope, but decided to go with the tree friendly Eno Slap Strap Pro Hammock Hangers. The pro straps offer an additional two feet of length per strap which gets you a few more options as far as location goes. Even though the straps didn’t come with instructions they were pretty simple to figure out.

Eno Doublenest HammockThe second accessory that I got (and by far the coolest) was the ENO Twilights. These seriously set the mood for night time vibes. The Twilights are portable LED string lights. They’re powered by three triple A batteries and have 300 hours of burn time. Each string is 120 inches long and has 23 LED bulbs. I bought two sets so I could string them between longer distances or have multiple stringers out in different spots. Now that I had everything I needed, all I had to do was head to the great outdoors.

I went out to the local lake that I fish at, and walked to a bank I knew with a few trees and lots of shade. This was the spot. I took out both pro straps from their pouch and slung them across each tree. After finding the right height I was ready to put up the Doublenest. The great part about the nest is it includes two really strong carabineers that are already attached to the hammock. I clipped them to the pro straps and voila! I was all setup. I strung the Twilights over the hammock and let them stay off until dark.

The hammock itself is really comfortable. I spent a few hours getting in and out of the hammock to cast my line out and It was just as easy to get out as it Eno Doublenest Hammockwas to get in. Having two people in there definitely works, but you seem to roll into each other instead of having some space.  I would recommend that if you’re going to spend the majority of your time solo, go with the single nest. The double is great for the option of having two people, but it would be a lot of extra fabric for just one person. The good news is it was
enough fabric to wrap into a little cocoon.  Putting the hammock away after I had been out for a while was a breeze. Everything has its own case. I still couldn’t believe that a giant hammock could pack into the size of a grapefruit! I packed up everything, threw it into my backpack, and headed off to the car. I had a great time.

Ultimately, I love my Eno Doublenest and all its accessories. You can use this hammock as a place to nap, a reclining bench, or even to store stuff you need elevated at a campsite. The straps are sturdy and feel safe and the lights are just awesome. I’m glad I pulled the trigger and purchased all my new Eno Stuff and can decisively say that for now, they’re my favorite new toys.

-Kirill Braynin, Associate Buyer @ ACK