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Summer is here and it is about time we all got outside and enjoyed what nature has to offer! We asked all of you via our Facebook page what you considered to be your summer outdoor essentials and got some helpful responses. Check out some our favorites below and get ready to live it up!

  • Kayaks: Obviously we had to include these!
  • Surfboards: For those of you going coastal. We personally recommend a SUP!summer essentials
  • BBQ: What would summer party be without BBQ?
  • Great friends: Do we even need to explain?
  • Fishing Gear: Perhaps an early morning fishing session followed by a BBQ with great friends?
  • Summer Parties: Goes hand in hand with great friends, bbq, and good times!
  • A Nice Cold Beverage: Beer, sweet tea, lemonade or whatever else is your drink of choice! Gotta stay hydrated right?
  • Dive Gear: For those adventuring under the sea this summer.

Last but not least we had sunscreen, a bikini or boardshorts, hats, and a camera to capture all those sweet summer moments! If you plan on getting out on the water don’t forget your PFD’s and dry bags to make sure you and your things are safe.

Think we missed something? Comment below and let us know!

-Dayvee @ ACK