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A N0-Name Lake Turns Into The New Spot After A Giant Largemouth.

“With spring time bass fishing in full swing, I was a little discouraged this year,” said David Tassos, “because of the rising commitments at work and the worst – my favorite bass honey hole was now protected by 3 gated communities surrounding it on all sides. For the last 6 months I had been searching far and wide for what I hoped would be that next ‘secret spot.’ I had located a no-David Tassos Bass body 1name lake that I was certain didn’t see much pressure and I began doing scouting trips randomly throughout the winter and early spring.

The Turning Point

Several small bass were caught but nothing that made me certain that this lake held the lunkers that I was hunting. Last week after an attempted (and failed) shot at fishing our old lake, my friend Matt and I again hit ‘The Lake’ that was only giving up 1-2 pounders. After four hours of paddling around and only a couple small bites, we were headed back to the truck. But, before we called it quits we paddled over to a dock where I thought that I heard a commotion earlier in the trip. On Matt’s third cast with his wacky rigged Gary Yamamoto Senko worm, his line tightened and the drag began screaming as the fish pulled him into and and then away from the dock. Completely dark out and hardly able to see, I was able to capture just a couple of ‘evidence shots’ of the bass with my DSLR camera. Now we knew they were there!

David Tassos Bass body 4
Photo Credit: David Tassos

Now We Knew We Were There!

The next morning we got out later than we wanted to but the fresh memories sent us straight back to the docks. On my tenth cast I felt the tug of something huge and the fight was on! I fought the beast for what seemed like forever before it eventually wrapped up around the dock and this in turn led to a broken rod. As we fished the remainder of the day we caught the usual bass and took the opportunity to take some pics. Around noon we were chatting away and far from the stealth and heavy techniques we had been working so hard at all morning.

The Catch

I was casting my june bug wacky rig in whatever direction without thinking when suddenly something took off with my worm and the fight was on. Judging by the fight, we both assumed I had a large mudfish. Pulling my kayak around for a minute the fish eventually jumped – “it’s a huge bass” we yelled and all I could think about was getting it into the kayak. With luck on my side I was able to get the bass into my kayak. We judged it around 10lbs and it was safely released back into the water. It’s been tough getting through work this week because of all the daydreaming about this lake. We can’t wait to get back out there!

David Tassos Bass body 3


– Ben Duchesney.

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