One of your first duties as a newly employed ACK member is to work a day in the warehouse. This is because a new employee needs to know ACK’s products and also because it is important to understand the overall process and how it works. I soon came to find out just how important our warehouse is to the business!

Kayak Shipment at ACK

After a full week of being at ACK my time had come. I was excited because this would be a totally new experience for me. I decided to come in at 6:30am with the early crew and start fresh. The day started the second I walked through the door and didn’t stop until my shift was over.

To kick things off I received a quick walk through of how products are processed throughout the day. It was simple but overwhelming at the same time. Everything is meticulously organized and runs like a well oiled machine. It was like going through an outdoor version of IKEA in that everything is streamlined, has a place, and there is A LOT to take in.

Shortly after this walk through I received my first big task, move a Hobie Pro Angler 14 across the warehouse by myself. Now I don’t know if you know this but a Hobie Pro Angler 14 weighs about 140lbs and the warehouse happens to be huge. First, they let me know there is a science to this process and showed me how to best move this beast across the room. After several attempts I had it down and made my way to the other side of the warehouse.

Sam Moving a Hobie Pro Angler
Moving the Hobie Pro Angler 14

After getting through most of the the morning duties I decided to spend some time in the packaging and shipping area. Initially, I shadowed the guys packaging and shipping kayaks. These guys were fast and took meticulous care to ensure that the product was secure and protected. I watched a few get packaged and shipped and then was able to get my hands dirty. In the time it took me to complete one they easily could have completed three. Because of this I decided to move on to packaging and shipping smaller items. The process they have in place for smaller items is just as efficient and meticulous as the one for larger items. One of the coolest things in my opinion is the fact that every box, piece of plastic, bubble wrap, and other shipping material is always repurposed. Everything is reused and nothing is wasted. We even have an ‘Ugly Box” sticker that goes out with the packages to let our customers know that the box has been repurposed.

After packaging and shipping smaller items I decided to bounce around for the rest of the day helping out wherever I was able to. The warehouse seemed to be in good spirits all day even though the work can be tedious and difficult.

My day in the warehouse gave me a whole new respect for our warehouse employees and the work they do for ACK. They run a tight ship and in my opinion, are the heart of the ACK operations.

-Sam @ ACK