Here at ACK we love supporting our Youth Anglers and getting their point of views. With clear eyes and full hearts these youth anglers provide a fresh view on a passion that all of us have had for many years. Madi Lee, a promising young angler, has been kind enough to provide us with one of her fishing experiences out on the Gulf of Mexico with her father. Read more to see how they fared on a windy day earlier this month.

A Huge Trout on a Windy Day

Excitement rushed through me like an athlete sprinting for the finish line! I got dressed, slapped on some sunscreen, and quickly ran out the door, shutting the truck door behind me as I climbed in. No paddles were going to be used today! Sorry kayaks, the Haynie Cat needs a turn too!

redfish pic

We unloaded the boat and headed across the bay as the sun was slowly creeping through the sky. Waves smashed the boat and salt spray soaked us the entire way. It was extremely rough because the wind was blowing hard.

When we reached our fishing spot dad slowed the boat down, turned it off, and put down the Power-Pole. Both of us put on our waders, slipped on our boots, and grabbed everything that we would need when we were out wade fishing. Then, we slid into the water and made our move to find where the fish were going to be located.

I worked my topwater, moving it left and right across the surface of the water to create the walk-the-dog technique. There was very little bait movement that I saw. Casts were going towards grassy points or any place where there might be fish. My stringer continued to stay empty… But not for very long.

I started working my way towards deeper water, casting in different directions to attract a fish to my lure. A few casts later, my topwater got a major blow up! It looked as if somebody had thrown a bomb in that exact spot. My line was singing to me as the fish continued to run like the wind. Could it be a shark? Is it a big red? Thoughts were spinning inside my head as I continued to fight this fierce fish.

After what seemed like 30 minutes of fighting, I finally got it close enough to where my dad saw what it was. “Wow! That’s a huge trout, Madi!” he shouted as I reeled it in and netted the monster.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. In my hands laid a 28 inch trout!

After my dad was finished taking pictures of me with the fish, I put the beauty on my stringer so she could stay alive. This trout was definitely going back home with me! I continued to fish afterwards, hoping to catch another beast like this one.

Even though I didn’t hook up on another giant, I did catch quite a few redfish as we were on our way back to the boat. I threw my cast towards a reef and shortly after, I received a blow up! This redfish may not have been the biggest, being 24 inches, but at least it was a keeper! I put the red on the stringer right next to my trout. Fish were blowing up my topwater frequently, but unfortunately, the reds were too small to keep.

Madi's 28 inch trout
Madi’s 28 inch trout

After trying one more spot and hooking up on a few smaller reds and trout, we decided to call it a day and head back in. Catching my personal best 28 inch trout was an astonishing experience! I wish I could rewind back to that moment and keep it on replay.

I get to experience things in life like this thanks to God. He has given me the blessing of a loving family, friends, and outstanding sponsors such as Banks Lures, Full Stringer Custom Rods,, Rockport Rattlers, Chickenboy Lures, Hook Spit,, Saltwater Arsenals, Lew’s Reels, Stinkypants Fishing, Down Time Services, Borderline Yakn, and South Texas Boat Works. They are the reasons I get to do what I love and why I have come so far as a competitive tournament angler.

I would also like to thank everybody for taking the time to read my blogs, watch my videos, and give kind words on things that I post. Please share with everybody, especially younger people, like me, that might be influenced positively from this blog. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, no matter what your age.

Thanks again,

Madi Lee

Youth Tournament Angler