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BioLite Camp Stove
BioLite Camp Stove

Simultaneously Cook Food & Charge Electronics With The BioLite Camp Stove

As much as we want to escape electronics when we adventure outside, bringing along a mobile device can be a convenience, as well as a safety measure. The question then becomes: How do I keep it charged?

Enter the BioLite Camp Stove.

This new portable wood burning camping stove is unique in that it serves two purposes: cooking and charging electronics. Note that it will charge anything that hooks into a USB port, not just your mobile device! This means if you had say, a rechargeable USB headlamp, it’d do just fine with that. Here’s a visual tutorial of how it works:

Neat idea, right? If you’re like me, you probably think it sounds too good to be true and there’s a good chance that your first impression of it probably is also. This stove won’t turn a few twigs into a fully charged battery for your iPhone. However, it WILL provide a truly on-demand source of emergency power when you need it and, oh yeah, it makes a very effective cooking stove too.

Ditch The Solar Charger & Liquid Fuel

One of the biggest benefits of the BioLite Camp Stove is that it replaces two pieces of gear, your fossil-fuel powered camp stove and solar charger, rather than just one. Technically three, if you count the fuel and fuel canisters that you’re required to bring to power your typical camp stove. To me, this makes its price tag of $129.95, which is on par with a number of other fossil-fuel powered stoves like the Jetboil Sol and MSR Dragonfly, is very appealing.

BioLite Price Tag

It also excuses the weight of the BioLite. My first impression when I saw that it weighed a little over 2 lbs was that this thing is just too heavy for a stove! But this extra weight easily cancels out when you leave behind your liquid fuel, fuel canister, and solar charging gear.

There are already some great accessories available for the BioLite Camp Stove, including a portable grill and combination kettle/pot. Check them out and let me know what you think about the new BioLite Camp Stove by commenting below.