Cliff from ACK Houston shares his personal perspective after replacing his milk crate with a Watertrail Fishing Buddy and using it for the past 6 months.

Cliff's kayak with a Watertrail Fishing Buddy.
Cliff’s kayak with a Watertrail Fishing Buddy.

I purchased the Watertrail Fishing Buddy w/ Rod Holders because it gave me a lot more features than the conventional milk crate that I had previously used. I was able to use it for multiple applications. The Watertrail Fishing Buddy performs very well as a food/drink cooler, which is a great tool in the Texas heat. I usually put two or three frozen water bottles in the Fishing Buddy along with the rest of my food and drinks and it does a good job keeping everything cool while I’m on the water all day.

Whenever I venture offshore, I use the Watertrail Fishing Buddy as a storage container for my tackle boxes, video cameras, and cell phone. The velcro that the Fishing Buddy uses to secure to the top part is very strong, and I trust that it won’t open up in the event that I flip over offshore. I trust the velcro’s strength enough that I store two video cameras, my wallet with my fishing license, and my cell phone in it while offshore.

Overall the Fishing Buddy is a great tool for any kayaker. The ability to pack up to six rods on it, and use the side storage pockets for anything you prefer are also big benefits of the product. I’ve used it numerous times on both the river and offshore and it has held up great, and hasn’t shown any signs of wear or tear. There’s really nothing I would change about the product even if I could, since it’s met all of my expectations so far.

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