Yep, Introducing the New Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod!

Vexilar SonarPhone T-POD
Vexilar SonarPhone T-POD

The new Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod is a unit that turns your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional touch screen sonar system that will rival the performance of sonar fish finder systems costing hundreds more.

This is a very exciting kayak fishing product for a number of reasons. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it since the phone connects via wifi with the SonarPhone’s transmitter. The T-POD is a ultra portable wifi transmitter system that has a self contained battery and can be pulled behind your boat, cast out or thrown from shore due to its transmitting range of 100 yards. The app that you download on your phone (android or iPhone operating system) is free and super simple to set up.

Kayak anglers looking to take a minimalist approach to using a fish-finder will absolutely love this product. It requires no hard mounting of rigging accessories to your kayak and can be used between multiple boats if you like to switch from kayak to kayak on your outings. It does have a narrower frequency compared to some of our other fish-finder models. The T-Pod operates at 125 kHz and it shots a single beam with a 30 degree cone. The display size does depend on the size of your smart device, so keep that in mind.

Want to learn more? Give this video a watch:

The Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod is available now and retails for $129.95. See more about it here: