The new and improved C-Tug cart.
The new and improved C-Tug cart.

C-Tug has revamped their kayak cart and brought you and even better product!  Previously C-Tug offered their cart with an inflatable tire that you could increase or decrease the tire pressure as you saw fit.  Well now they have designed the cart with a puncture-free wheel that is even more durable, it’s called the Kiwi Wheel!  The beautiful thing about these new Kiwi Wheels is that they will retro fit old C-Tug carts with the inflatable tires, so basically anyone can upgrade!

C-Tug's Sidewinder Wheel Attachment
Sidewinder Wheel Attachment

Just when you thought that was enough, C-Tug pulled something else out of their sleeve to help enhance the cart even more.  The product is named the Sidewinder.  Yep, just like the snake.  This attachment connects to the Kiwi Wheel and allows for a much wider tire that gives you the ability to pull the cart over soft sand or mud without it becoming “bogged” down.  The wider stance redistributes the weight over a greater surface area allowing the cart to stay up on top of  the loose footing.  See how it relates to the snake in name?  Floats over sand…more nimble on loose surfaces…no?…ok, I’ll stop.  Definitely give these products some consideration when looking for a new cart.  You won’t be disappointed!