Summer marks a time when your water bottle never seems to be quite as full as you’d like and you start to notice that every time you go out to paddle or camp you end up swimming or (gasp) not doing anything at all. While this summer in particular has already brought record breaking temperatures throughout many parts of the nation there is hope for those that want to continue playing outdoors.

Save Your Summer Outdoor Plans

Summer fun is synonymous with being outside, whether that means spending time on the beach, attending an outdoor festival or even just grilling out in your own backyard. Heat, even record breaking, shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it — it’s simply a matter of taking the right precautions. You already know the basics of keeping cool – drink plenty of water, wear a sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses and the list goes on. Resting under shade is also key, but sometimes finding it in certain locations can be a problem. So what do you do?

Shade Your Outing with Kelty

Luckily for you, our friends at Kelty have created a series of products that let you take the shade with you. Ranging from the Noah’s Tarp to the Hula Shadehouses, these shelters and tarps are designed to create refuges from the sun in any size and shape you might need.

Noah’s Tarp – Kelty’s Noah’s Tarps offer instant shade in a hurry. They are lightweight, easy to pack and come in three different sizes: 9, 12, and 16. These are popular with minimalist campers looking for a quick solution for a hot day and for paddlers wanting a midday break during a long paddle.

Sunshade – Kelty’s Sunshades are floorless, freestanding shelters that are perfect for shading areas like a picnic table or your favorite spot on the beach. These are easy to set up, have adjustable heights and widths and come in either medium or large.

Shadehouse – Kelty’s Shadehouses are tall enough to walk under and create a shaded outdoor space you won’t want to leave – and its big enough you won’t have to! It comes in medium, large and is offered in a Hula model, which provides additional rear protection from the elements and features a ‘Hula’ roof angled with rainfall in mind.

Remember, we carry a variety of shades on our website, along with a number of other Kelty products. So next time your friends our family say it’s too hot to go outside, tell them not to worry – you’ve got a way to bring the shade with you! Thanks for reading and if you’ve experienced the Kelty shelters before share your experience below by commenting. – Joseph@ACK

@austinkayak Summer fun is synonymous with being #outside, even record breaking heat shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it!

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