Variety is the spice of life and we want you to think of ACK as a fiery ghost pepper when you’re looking for your next kayak. With so many new items being added everyday it’s easy to miss an addition or two but once in a while, there is that new item or brand, the one you can’t help but feel excited about and just can’t help but want to tell the world  — introducing Riot Kayaks. Just last week we were thrilled to have received our first shipment and we know you’ll be impressed with what they have to offer in terms of options, quality and of course value.

Here are a few reasons that will help validate our excitement and why we think you’ll be impressed:

Riot Edge 13

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At first glance you’ll notice that Riot kayaks are very affordable but do not skimp on features. Take the Edge 11 and 13 for example, both include a drop skeg system, bulkhead-sealed front and rear compartments, a flush-mount rod holder and a comfortable contour fit seat just to name a few.

Safety and Security
Riot believes in delivering a safe kayak right off the showroom floor (or off the truck for our internet friends). All of their sit-insides include sealed bulkheads and reflective deck rigging. And for those moments when you need to leave your kayak behind for a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee, Riot includes a security bar on the sit-inside kayaks enabling your kayak to be locked to your vehicle rack system.

Escape 12 Angler

All of Riots sit-inside kayaks come with their Custom Fit Seating System that offer the same adjustments you’ll find on more expensive seats. Height and position adjustment for the back rest and leg lifters combined with adjustable foot pegs and integrated thigh pads will make you feel like one with your kayak.

Magnum 80

Odds are Riot has a kayak that fits your style. The Escape 12 is a great sit-on-top with rudder that also includes two flush mount rod holders for versatility. Upgrade to the Escape 12 Angler for a covered center console and fully adjustable rod holder. Riot also manufactures some of the most exciting and trusted whitewater kayaks around like the Magnum 80 and Thunder 76 both of which you may have seen in many competitions and exhibitions.

So there you have it, Riot Kayaks ‑ ACK’s newest addition. We invite you to browse our complete line of Riot Kayaks. We know you’ll be just as impressed as we are.

Joe @ACK