As we approach the July 4th holiday, you can’t help but begin to experience a sense of patriotism with flags being strategically placed at the end caps of grocery store aisles and TV commercials beginning to advertise the inevitable. Seeing all this reminded me about something that Steve, ACK President, mentioned to me sometime back, the fact that we carry a huge selection of products that are either made or assembled in the USA.

Opinions may vary from person to person but from my personal perspective, I feel that our economy is on the road to recovery and can certainly see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. That said, if you’ve ever met me, you know that I would rather talk about kayak fishing, camping or BBQ instead of getting into deep economic and (gasp) political discussions. However, I do want to focus on this topic because I know it is important to both ACK and for that matter, many of our customers. We can certainly appreciate selling low cost goods that contribute to a strong global economy but knowing that a significant percentage of the products we sell are either made or assembled in the USA is something we are extremely proud of. Aside from benefiting from quality craftsmanship, it makes us feel good knowing that by selling products made in this country we are helping contribute to the growth of our own economy, which ultimately helps create jobs locally.

So what are these products we speak of? Well there are over 500 of them but a  few examples that you may be familiar with are boat manufactures such as Hobie Kayaks, Native Watercraft, Ocean Kayak and Wilderness Systems amongst several others. Accessory manufactures are no exception with companies such as Seals SkirtsWerner Paddles, Bending Branches Paddles and Pelican Dry Boxes are also Made in the USA. As you shop at, you can easily identify those products by looking at the description where you will see “Made in: USA” followed by the American flag.

Now, it’s no secret that while these products are designed, assembled, owned and distributed in the USA, some of the parts that are required to build them may be manufactured in other countries. In some cases, depending on how much of it is made here, it may be labeled as an “Assembled in USA” product as opposed to “Made in USA” as required by law.  Regardless of the terminology, we are happy to continue supporting and promoting products that are benefiting our country’s economy in one way or another.