Kayak fishing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the paddling industry, and for good reason. Kayak Fishing gives you access to waters most have a hard time reaching in traditional fishing boats and it’s relatively inexpensive. Rather than get into the details of the history of kayak fishing, we are going to focus on what it takes to get you started with 3 inexpensive products. Sounds simple enough? That’s because it is! Now of course, we are assuming you already purchased your kayak, paddle, whistle and PFD.

Step 1.
You need something to keep your rods in place. Your boat can flip or your rod can get hung up on a tree. Last thing you want to do is lose your brand new rod and reel combo. Rod holders are typically made of plastic material and can be mounted with bolts or rivets.

Flush Rod Holder

Flush Mounted Rod Holder – A tube that is inserted into your kayak or sometimes molded into the boat. The end of the rod is simply inserted into the tube and can be secured with a rod leash. These are usually installed behind the seat on the top deck area.

Deck Mounted Rod Holder

Deck Mounted Rod Holder – Provides a more secure hold than a Flush Rod Holder by “grasping” your rod and reel. You’ll typically find these installed on the center of the deck between your lower legs.

Step 2.
Make sure you can stop your boat. Like fishing on a motor boat, you’ll want to stay put when you find that “honey hole”. Securing your kayak to a specific location is key when fishing and there is no better way to do it than with a small anchor and rope. Since you are limited on space and capacity, don’t get anything over 3lbs. and consider getting one with a mesh bag for easy storage.

Folding Anchor

Folding Anchors – Folding anchors tend to be the most popular design due to their ability to provide a good hold in most environments and their portability.

Claw or “Bruce” Style Anchor System

Claw Anchor – If you want an anchor that can hold you in place even in the softest bottoms this is the anchor you need. It may not be as portable as a folding anchor but you can rest assured you won’t be going anywhere.

Step 3.
Secure your paddle. We’ve all heard the term “up the creek without a paddle” — avoid it. By installing a simple device that secures your paddle to your boat, you’ll never have to worry about losing a paddle when you catch the “big one”.

Paddle Leash (Coil)

Paddle Leash – The easiest way to attach your paddle to your kayak. One end simply ties to a piece of hardware or installed accessory and the other to your paddle shaft. The leash is typically coiled or made of a “bungee” material.

There you have it! Your kayak has been magically transformed into a kayak fishing machine, but you are probably wondering, is that really it? Like with any recreational activity, hundreds of accessories that you may have never even considered are available to help make your kayak fishing experience a more enjoyable one. We invite you to visit any of our 5 ACK locations to look at our “rigged” display kayak. A store associate will be happy to walk you through the entire display to help you determine what you need. You can also visit our website to view hundreds of fishing accessories.