Outfit your paddle, yes, your canoe paddle. Just like the variety of accessories that are available for kayaks and canoes, you may be surprised to see how many products exist for paddles alone. Some items are made specifically for the paddle itself while a few others are actually made for it’s use and/or storage — either way there is more than you would have ever imagined. Here are a few examples:

Paddle Drip Rings – Some beginner paddlers wonder what they are for, long-time paddlers think they add weight to their paddles but either way, they have one purpose — to keep water from dripping down the shaft of your paddle towards your hands and into your boat. Properly positioned on the paddle shaft, they let the water drip of the paddle out side of the cockpit area of your kayak.
Paddle Leashes – Secure your paddle to your kayak so that you never loose it again. This may be especially important for those that paddle rough or faster moving water and for anglers that can sometime misplace their paddle when hooking a fish. Also allows you to drop your paddle in a hurry without wondering where it’s going to float off to.
Paddle Clips and Holders – These are actually for your kayak but built specifically to hold your paddle securely in place. These also provide a great way to take along secondary, emergency paddle. Paddle holders keep the paddle flush with your kayak and out of the way.
Kayak Paddle Grips – Usually padded, these will make your paddling experience more comfortable by easing up the tension on your grip. Many varieties are ‘slide=on’ so make sure that you have a two-piece paddle before purchasing, otherwise look for the velcro version.
Paddle Bags – Some paddles cost as much as a kayak, protect your investment by storing it in a paddle bag. Paddle bags also keep both parts of the paddle together and organized in your truck or garage and some include a handy, small pouch or pocket that you can store other items like your paddling gloves.
Paddle Floats – Turn your paddle into a functional outrigger by adding stability to a self-rescue situation.
Paddle “T” Handle – Quickly turn your two-piece kayak paddle into a canoe paddle. A great option for hybrid kayaks or for those using foot propulsion who occasionally need paddling assistance.
Gloves– Avoid blisters, gain a better grip on your paddle. Some gloves are designed for warmth and others for keeping the damaging rays of the sun off your hands. It’s always a good idea to keep a pair or two of these around especially on those longer paddling trips.
Paddle Gloves – Sometimes referred to a “poagies” or paddle mitts, they’re a great way to keep your hands warms when paddling in colder temperatures. This design in particular attaches to your paddle for easy on/off use.
Paddle Keeper Kits – Like paddle holders and clips, attaching a bungee system directly to your kayak is another great option for securing your paddle to your boat.
Paddle Visibility Kit – For those of you that paddle at night, you should take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. Placing these pre-cut reflective stickers on your paddles and your yak can make you more visible from afar.

Well there you have it! Give your paddle some love. After all, if it wasn’t for your paddle, your kayak or canoe would be completely useless. To view our complete line of paddles and paddle accessories, click here.