Written by Mark Watanabe
Kayak Fishing Radio

Our great sport has really taken off in the past few years, there are a ton of great websites and magazines with answers to almost any question you might have.  Recently we had TV shows and videos dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing, but with all these media outlets what were we missing?  One of the oldest forms of entertainment radio… Kayak Fishing Radio to be exact.

Chip Gibson or Treehugger as he’s known on the kayak fishing interwebs is the creator of Kayak Fishing Radio.  When Chip first mentioned wanting to put a radio show together about kayak fishing, I thought it was something our sport was lacking.  Kayak Fishing Radio recently went live for the first time last month so I thought we should talk to Chip now before he get too famous.  Here is how it went…

Let’s start off with a little about you: where do you live, where were you born, how old are you and what do you do for your real job?
I live in the metro-Atlanta, GA area in the town of Tyrone with my wife and the clone. It’s convenient to work and less traffic than the north side. I’m a real Floridian; I was born and raised mostly in Hialeah. I still have family in Ocala, Orlando, Ft. Pierce, & Port St. Lucie areas. I’ll be 50 this year.

Well, I retired from the U.S. Marines in 2001 after nearly 23 years. Then due to my wife’s job we moved to Auburn, AL, where I attended graduate school for Wildlife Ecology & Environmental Science. Then, wife’s job again, we moved to Atlanta and I taught high-school physics, chemistry & environmental science for 5 years. I enjoyed working with the kids but had a hard time with parents so I took a position with a commercial airline as their Environmental Program Manager until recently when I accepted a position with the Federal Government as a Sustainability Specialist. (That was long enough… basically, I’m a


How long have you been fishing and what inspired you to start doing so from a kayak?

I’ve been fishing as long as I can remember… My Father and Grandfather were both sport fishing enthusiasts and I guess I just picked it up. I remember spending the weekends in the Florida Keys, Everglades City, camping and fishing, my grandad had the boats and we spent a lot of time on the water.

Fishing from a kayak has been a recent addition, in the last few years. I met a guy in Pensacola when I was stationed there who had a Cobra Fish’n Dive and I thought it was a cool way to avoid spending money on boat fuel! It could bring tears to my eyes to fill-up my 21′ ProLine.

Tell us a little about Kayak Fishing Radio, what made you start it, what it is all about?

KayakFishingRadio.com was a just something to do, really just a hobby thing. I have been really active with two kayak fishing forums, Yakangler.com and GeorgiaKayakFsihing.com, the Georgia guys are kind of my homies and you guys are more on a national scope. I really like the concept of YakAngler in that you were more of a central point to all aspects of kayak fishing. I like being a part of GKF because of the local home aspect of doing good will for the state and I represent the group as a councilmember for the Flint River Basin Advisory Council (more treehuggin’). But back to the all aspect thing and YakAngler… you guys kind of inspired it really. I was reading some of the “what are you doing this weekend” threads and then I was watching a television show of a similar weekend forecast format. I like the idea of social media and how it gives us all the opportunity to personally participate and I thought, cool, use the internet. Bringing it once a week to a ‘voice’, where people can talk about it. Don’t want to get to serious or
to goofy, just what’s up and see ya next week!

Give us a little behind scenes during a typical radio broadcast.

Behind the scenes, I need to vacuum first or my wife will be mad! Really, it’s pretty simple, I just set up the computers, invite folks to join in and string wires everywhere to connect the computers. It’s easier now that we are using the Talk Shoe format; most of the setup is done for us. We use a spare upstairs room in the house and by we, I mean the clone and I. Bradley helps to watch the chat room and let me know if someone asks a question. I really listen and take notes as people are talking so that I can keep the discussion moving and highlight certain points that I think might be interesting. He is also helping to create the short ‘stingers’ and ‘bumpers’ with garage band. It’s fun and it keeps him involved. I do prepare by surfing through a list of links I’ve gathered of kayak fishing forums and the manufacturer’s websites looking for the “stuff of the week”, subjects that have been listed for that week. I also look at the weather and see if it’s going to be a good fishing weekend. And I ask you stuff, too.


How can people participate where and when?

People can participate every Thursday night at 8:00 eastern by joining through the link on KayakFishingRadio.com. They can just listen or join in with the ‘chat’ room or call-in and talk with us. Bring a friend! They can also email me or pm me an interesting topic or story for the week, treehugger@kayakfishingradio.com. It’s an evolving thing the format is flexible still, I think.

What would be your ultimate goal for kayak fishing radio?

My ultimate goal… I don’t want to compete with guys like you and Adam, or other kayak and fishing forums. I’d like to compliment them; because I know running a forum is a lot more work. I just want to provide that once a week ‘voice’ to the threads and give credit to the job you forum owners are doing for the sport. I do sustainability for a living and it’s an extension to our sport. Kayak Fishing is growing at near light speed, the manufacturers are responding and people are getting involved. We need to keep Conservation at the forefront and get more youth involved. Forums like yours and hopefully KayakFishingRadio.com will add to the sustainability of the sport by linking together the many communities that are already out there. I’d also like to capture some of the voices of the people involved through a kind of oral history project. I’ll be creating podcasts of all the Thursday night broadcasts and I want to try and create some more of one on one chats with folks about kayak fishing and how they enjoy the sport.

Thanks again Chip for taking the time to talk to us!  Don’t forget to check out www.kayakfishingradio.com Thursdays at 8pm EST.