My 7-year old took his first sailing class this summer. The list of required equipment was a child life vest or ‘personal flotation device’ (PFD).  Of course I waited till the day before to read the list of required gear so it was the perfect excuse for me to buy the NRS Vista Youth PFD for him.

I got it home and put it on him and started adjusting it and immediately realized that I wasn’t exactly sure how to properly fit it on him (look for a PFD fitting piece to be posted here in the not too distant future) and just about the time his patience wore out (4.5 minutes) I finished the final adjustments.

The size of the vest was great on John and at a fighting weight of 50 lbs he has another 40 lbs of growth before it gets handed off to another kiddo. He didn’t have the large and hot, water ski vest that the other kids had and because it was fitted properly you could clearly see the difference as 25 kids bobbed in the water after class.  The NRS child life vest wasn’t jammed up around his neck like the others…he was floating high and comfortable in the water.  John liked the snug fit and the smaller size…it wasn’t like wearing a winter jacket, plus he loves the fact that his life vest has “pockets”…not sure for what…but he has pockets.

If you’re looking for a solid child life vest the NRS Vista Youth PFD is an outstanding choice.

-Clayton Clabaugh