Well, it has been two weeks since my last posting looking for some requests for our site, unfortunately I didn’t get even one request, kind of makes me sad. Fortunately I didn’t notice that I had zero comments as I was off busy with my new daughter Claire and hadn’t had time to post up on our Blog.

I do apologize for not keeping the blog what I wanted it to be, an insight into ACK and what we are doing.

So, what has been going on around here?

Steve has been working hard at adding new products to the site as fast as possible, in his spare time he has been remolding a house and preparing for a wedding.

Chris has learned a hard lesson on what to take along on a kayak fishing trip (more on this later), he has also enjoyed a round of golf in between all the driving to Houston and San Marcos.

Peter has been busy with his new daughter and working on a new shipping application and trying to prioritize what web site changes to make first and next.

That sums out what has been going on with us, we have been busy and this time of year is crazy with this year being no different from any other year.

I promise to keep you up with what is going on at ACK much better.