So, I have always wondered who in their right mind spends the time to read a blog and why would I ever want to tell people what I was doing?

Needless to say, we have decided that a Blog would be a great way to get information information down to our Customers. If you are hopeful that you will hear about our Soap Opera lives that we all live here you will probably be sorely disappointed. If you want to read about the industry, about our stores, about products, etc. then we are in good shape.

So that this post isn’t a post about nothing and has some substance, I will take a second to introduce the Bloggers.

First you have me, Peter. I built this page so I get to introduce myself first. I am one of the owners of Austin Canoe & Kayak and the man behind the computer most of the time.

Next is Steve, he is my brother. He and I started down this endeavor 3 1/2 years ago and you will find him in the stores a bit more or on the phone.

Then there is Chris. Chris came along near the very beginning and is the one most likely to be found in the stores.

So, there you have, the three most likely to blog people – we look forward to sharing informative information and not just this rambling junk I just did.